Canada, as a world leader in the fight against climate change has set forth an important climate plan, the Clean Fuel Standard, to reduce emissions and accelerate the use of clean technologies. This plan will lead to cleaner fuels, more diversified jobs and less carbon pollution for generations to come.

...Which is why the federal government has committed to reducing its annual emissions starting in 2022.

How the Clean Fuel Standard will affect the fuel industry?

The Clean Fuel Standard will require liquid fuel suppliers to gradually reduce the carbon intensity of the fuels they produce and sell for use in Canada over time, leading to a decrease in emissions generated from these fuels by 2030.

Who will be affected by the CFS regulation?

Clean Fuel Standard will cover liquid fossil fuels produced, imported and distributed in Canada. Fuel entity players will be involved in this new regulation and will have the opportunity to participate in managing the carbon intensity of their fuels and their downstream effect.

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Why partner with Innospec?

As the world’s only fuel additive manufacturer focused on fuel additive technology, we understand the complexities of fuel quality management and the challenges facing the industry. We can provide you with innovative, next generation fuel additive technologies and application technical support. Our core missions are but not limited to:

1. Improving the quality of biodiesel, renewable diesel and associated blends

Low temperature handling, Operability, Filterability, Stability, Wear and corrosion

2. Increasing the amount of biodiesel and/or renewable diesel in your fuel

3. Extending the months where biodiesel and/or renewable diesel can be used

4. Mitigating corrosion risk in ethanol and oxygenated fuel blends

5. Increase fuel quality and performance

Reduce CO2 emissions, Reduce NOx, CO, HC, PM emissions, Improve Fuel economy

Whether you are a fuel producer, a marketer or an end-user, we would like to partner with you.

Now is the perfect time to develop a CFS strategy to prepare your organization for the incoming rules.